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Student Laptops

Branson School Online provides every student with a laptop to use for their schoolwork, free of charge.

We receive lots of questions about the laptops we provide.  Please take a minute and read through the FAQs listed below.

BSO Laptop FAQs

  • What kind of laptops are they? +

    Every newly enrolled student is eligible to receive a new HP Pavilion laptop for school use.  They all run Windows 8.1 and come pre-loaded with all the software a student needs to do their work, such as Microsoft Office 2013, Adobe Reader, Java, AVG Security, and Flash Player.
  • How do I get one? +

    After you have been accepted into Branson School Online, you need to fill out and submit a computer request form.
  • Does the laptop belong to me? +

    No.  The laptop is property of Branson School Online.
  • What do I do if my laptop needs repairs? +

    Contact Tech Support.  They will try to repair the laptop remotely if possible.  If it needs major repair, they will arrange for a replacement laptop to be shipped to you free of charge.
  • I've broken 3 laptops this year. Am I in trouble? +

    In cases of extreme repeated neglect or abuse to the laptops, we reserve the right to stop sending you laptops to break.  You may be required to purchase your own laptop if you continue breaking a loaned laptop.
  • Can I play games on my laptop? +

    No.  Your BSO laptop is for school use only.
  • Can I surf anywhere on the internet with these laptops? +

    No.  Net Nanny is installed on the laptops to block access to inappropriate and virus-laden sites.  This includes game sites.
  • My Branson laptop is getting old. Can I upgrade to a newer laptop? +

    You are eligible to upgrade to a new laptop after you've been with our school for 3 years.
  • I'm about to graduate from BSO. Can I keep my laptop? +

    If you have been with our school for at least 3 years, you can keep your laptop after graduation.
  • Does the school provide a way to backup the work on my laptop? +

    Yes.  Every student has access to their Google Drive, which can be used to back up their work.  If you want to use an external hard drive or jump drive to backup your work, you have to purchase these on your own.
  • Can I get a MAC? +

    No.  Branson does not provide MACs.  If you have your own MAC, you may use it for your schoolwork.
  • Can I use my own computer? +

    Yes.  You may use your own laptop or desktop computer for your Branson schoolwork - but we DO NOT recommend it.  Your personally-owned computer may have anything loaded on it, so they are extremely time-consuming for us to troubleshoot and repair.  Many legitimate games actually interfere with sites you need for schoolwork.  Just take the easy road and get a BSO laptop.
  • There is more than one BSO student in my family. Do we have to share? +

    No!  Every student in the family gets their own BSO laptop.  We have a family with seven students enrolled at the same time in BSO, and each of them used a BSO laptop.
  • Do I need to purchase software for my BSO laptop? +

    No.  Your BSO laptop comes pre-loaded with everything you need for your schoolwork.
  • What about software updates like for Windows and Java and Anti-virus? +

    Don't do any updates to your BSO laptop yourself. Your BSO laptop comes to you pre-loaded with the most current versions of all the software you'll need.  We have turned off the auto-updating features of the software so it doesn't bug you all the time.  If there is ever a mandatory urgent update that comes out for any software on your laptop, BSO Tech Support will contact you and we will update your computer remotely.
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