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High School

Branson School Online High School consists of  grades 9-12.  Students are in specific grades based on the credits they have earned.  Graduation requirements are aligned with what students need to be successful after graduation.  Students entering our high school take a course designed to help them explore and identify the career choices that they are most interested in. Students develop their individual plan for success with the help of their academic guidance counselors, teachers, and parents.

The first consideration in entering any public High School should be for the student and their family to review the requirements for graduation.  Our top priority is to assure that each student that joins the Branson School Online High School succeeds in reaching their personal academic goals and graduates.

The Branson School Online educational model provides high school students:

  • Computer-assisted instruction
  • Virtual classroom instruction
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • Guidance Couseling
  • Special and Gifted education
  • Colorado Certified and highly qualified teachers in their subject area
  • Experienced high school educators

Graduation Requirements 

● English 4.0 Credits
● Mathematics 4.0 Credits
● Science 4.0 Credits
● Social Studies 4.0 Credits
● Physical Ed 1.0 Credits
● Foriegn Language 1.0 Credits
● Career Choices 0.5 Credits
● Electives 4.5 Credits


College Credit with Concurrent Enrollment

  • This program supports eligible students in taking courses through the Colorado College system.
  • The credits for approved classes apply for high school graduation and college concurrently.

High School Course Offerings

  • Mathematics courses include: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus, and Consumer Math. 
  • Language Arts courses include: English I, Enlish II, Enlish III, Enlish IV, World Literature, English Literature, Short Stories, Creative Writing, and Communications. 
  • Social Studies courses include: World Geography, American History, World History, Government, Civics, Psychology, Sociology, and Economics. 
  • Elective courses include: Physical Education, Health, Keyboarding, Criminology, Web site Design, Business Communications, Computer Fundamentals, and Digital Photography.

For a complete list of High School Course offerings, click here.


Branson School Online teachers create their own interactive, engaging curriculum and lesson plans using some of the following cutting-edge online tools.